Tooth Fairy's Tale


Tooth Fairy's Tale: When a young child loses a tooth, it is a tremendously exciting event—visible proof of growing up! Children show off the gaping hole with pride, bringing home newly missing teeth to their families and placing them in their Tooth Pillow for the magical Tooth Fairy who mysteriously whisks it away. But what does the Tooth Fairy do with these special relics of early childhood? If only she had a special way to preserve their memory...Now there is! Introducing The Baby Teeth Keepsake Book!

Do you want your child to brush twice a day without a miss? We have the solution! When the child's teeth brushing chart is completed at the end of the week, they get to wake up and search for their Tooth Keeper with their Special Surprise! Believe me, they will look forward to brushing their teeth! The Tooth Keeper is The Tooth Fairy's little helper that reports to The Tooth Fairy your child's brushing performance, and delivers the Special Surprise for your child's tooth or completed Teeth Brushing Chart! The Whole Family will want to get in on the fun! Its a New Tooth Fairy Tradition for the Whole Family!     

**Baby Teeth contain Stem Cells and DNA that can be life saving!