At Tooth Fairy's Tale, A Portion of our proceeds will go towards hope of recovery from Autism!


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About me...

My name is Kristin. I am a mother of two amazing kids and I am also a wife of 25 years, to an amazing hard-working husband. One of my kids is a beautiful, nonverbal autistic daughter. I had the perfect dream job in real estate, working for a developer selling model homes. One day my husband begged me to quit this dream job because my daughter was having a hard time and needed me home full time. Without a second thought, I quit to stay home and make my daughter my priority and focus. But now, how can I help bring in the money our family needs? I had the perfect idea! After creating (from an old VHS box a cool place to put my sons baby teeth), I realized now is the time to work from home and create something Wonderful and Unique for ALL the moms and kids out there! I created a fun Tooth Fairy Tradition for the whole family!

Also, a portion from Tooth Fairy's Tale's proceeds will go to Generation Rescue, the leading national organization that provides hope, information and immediate treatment assistance to families affected by autism spectrum disorders. To help bring awareness, and hope for recovery to this growing epidemic of Autism. "Because every life is Be-YOU-tiful!" 


About Tooth Fairy's Tale, LLC

Baby Teeth contain Stem Cells and DNA that can be life saving!

When a young child loses a tooth, it is a tremendously exciting event—visible proof of growing up! Children show off the gaping hole with pride, bringing home newly missing teeth to their families and placing them in their Tooth Pillow for the magical Tooth Fairy who mysteriously whisks it away. But what does the Tooth Fairy do with these special relics of early childhood? If only she had a special way to preserve their memory...

The Baby Teeth Keepsake Book by Tooth Fairy’s Tale is the perfect solution for children, families and Tooth Fairies everywhere. A unique display case,  Tooth Fairy's Tale's, Baby Teeth Keepsake Book is a special place of honor to save and cherish your child's baby teeth and maintain a record of this significant milestone in your child's life. Children will be excited and proud of their Keepsake Book, knowing that their teeth are stored in a place of honor. 

And now introducing The Tooth Fairy's new helper, "The Tooth Keeper." The quirky and lovable, Elf like Tooth Keepers important job is to report back to The Tooth Fairy the child's brushing and flossing performance and to deliver to the child, their Big Surprise from The Tooth Fairy!

The fun and excitement of finding The Tooth Keeper with the Big Surprise is going to be an ongoing adventure. Also included is Tooth Fairy's Tale's, Easy Reading Book titled," The Tale of The Tooth Keeper!" The book is written for easy beginning readers and the illustrations stir the child's imagination and sense of wonder. The Tooth Keeper can be placed in strategic locations in and around your home until the spot is discovered with the Big Surprise! (Use Tooth Fairy Dust for hints).

Also included, is The Tooth Fairy's Tale's Teeth Brushing Chart! Do you want to make sure your child brushes their teeth twice a day without a miss? Tooth Fairy's Tale has the solution! Every morning and every night when your child brushes their teeth they get to color in the Sun and the Moon. At the end of the week if every Sun and Moon are colored in, they get to leave the chart in there to their Tooth Pillows pocket, and in the morning they can wake up and search for their Tooth Keeper and their Special Surprise! Believe me, they will never miss again!

The Tooth Keeper will lead your child on a treasure hunt to find where she left the surprise in exchange for the child's tooth, and weekly Teeth Brushing Chart. The entire family will want to join in on the fun!

All this fun and adventure wrapped up and specially delivered to your child by none other than The Tooth Fairy!

**Baby Teeth contain Stem Cells and DNA that can be life saving!


Celebrity owned!


My Tooth Fairy Keepsake Books have been sent out so far to: Gwen Stefani, Debra Messing, Courteney Cox, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow (Apple), Melissa Joan Hart, Michelle Williams, Angela Jolie (Maddox, Pax, and Zahara), Heidi Klum (Leni and Henry), Jennifer Garner, Brooke Shields (Rowan), Katie Holmes, Kate Hudson, Denise Richards, Joely Fisher, Dayna Devon, Us Weekly, and People Magazine.


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