Find The Tooth Keeper with the Special Surprise!

And now introducing The Tooth Fairy's new helper, "The Tooth Keeper." The quirky and lovable, elf like Tooth Keepers important job is to report back to The Tooth Fairy the child's brushing and flossing performance and to deliver to the child, their Big Surprise from The Tooth Fairy!

The fun and excitement of finding The Tooth Keeper with the Big Surprise is going to be an ongoing adventure. Also included is Tooth Fairy's Tale's, Easy Reading Book titled," The Tale of The Tooth Keeper!" The book is written for easy beginning readers and the illustrations stir the child's imagination and sense of wonder. The Tooth Keeper can be placed in strategic locations in and around your home until the spot is discovered with the Big Surprise! (Use Tooth Fairy Dust for hints).

The Tooth Keeper will lead your child on a treasure hunt to find where she left the surprise in exchange for the child's tooth, and weekly Teeth Brushing Chart. The entire family will want to join in on the fun!